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Group of 5 CommScope Interns posing for a picture

“Can Everyone See My Screen?”

My journey with CommScope began around January of 2020. I saw a listing posted on LinkedIn for a program management intern. I almost scrolled past, as a program manager, especially one in a telecom industry was not an occupation that I had ever heard of during my pursuit of my Marketing and English degrees. When I read more into the job description, I was surprised to find that it was so fitting to what I wanted to do. After submitting a resume and cover letter, I received my first, then second phone interview. Come March, I was an official CommScope Summer intern of 2020!

“Am I on mute?”

Shortly after being hired, COVID-19 began affecting our country in a way that many have never experienced or could have predicted. As the country shut down, jobs were lost, and social experiences deceased, I was nervous about the security of my position at CommScope. I was worried I would be deemed as an irrelevant an unnecessary intern. Quickly, my worry was interrupted by a phone call with our university relations recruiter, Lydia. She assured me that CommScope highly values their interns and that CommScope plans to continue with a virtual and remote internship including networking events, quality work, and social interactions with other interns. This was one of my first true interactions and impressions of CommScope as an employee, and it’s very safe to say it was an accurate one. This experience continued into my first, nerve-wracking, day. Those nerves were quickly combated with every person I met. All day, I was greeted with enthusiasm, an invitation to reach out, and a friendly virtual smile. Since that day, I have continued to feel highly valued, appreciated, and important to the company and higher up employees.

Getting to Work

I work within the global customer experience team. During my time here, I will work on a variety of different things that will positively impact the customer’s experience with CommScope whether that be directly or indirectly.  Most, if not all, of my conversations occur through several meetings a day that ensure the best communication between several aspects of the company, even while being remote.

 Most recently, I started to help with the collection of training videos of various tools and procedures throughout CommScope. This includes helping with recording, scripting, and actual video production and editing. Additionally, I have contributed several resources for internal company use such as a master list of all acronyms compromised of all the other entities CommScope has accumulated, as well as CommScope specific acronyms. My first project in the beginning of my internship was creating the NAR and CALA thank you videos that are now being played in several CommScope buildings. Making these videos have been my favorite memory so far as it was the first time my work had been seen by so many people! It boosted my confidence as I felt that it really solidified that my work was impactful and meaningful to many.

CommScope Internship Program

Being more than halfway through my internship program, it is safe to say I don’t want it to end as soon as it will. I have already learned and gained so much experience that I never could have expected. I would recommend CommScope’s internship program to anyone looking to learn, gain experience, and make a step in the right direction for their career (whether they know what that is or not). An internship at CommScope is not making copies, grabbing coffees, and wishing to be in the meeting. As an intern at CommScope, you will not only be in meetings, but leading the meetings. You will be expected to give quality input, to grow, and use your talents you were hired for. Leaving CommScope, you will not only have gained experience in that field, but hundreds of connections, new skills, and a hunger for more.

Stephanie Deily

Program Management Intern