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It takes more than the best technology to connect the world. It takes the best people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Meet those who make CommScope great. 

Shailesh G

Distinguished Software Engineer
Engineering | Bangalore, India
Joined in 2015

What do you do at CommScope? I work in the Ruckus Networks business unit and work in Access Points Data Path features team. I am responsible for defining new Insights for Ruckus Analytics (RA) products in Access Point Data Path/Control Plane /Management components, along with the role of SPoC for RA for AP dev team.

What do you enjoy most about working at CommScope? Getting a chance to work on different technologies and interact with different team starting from Core Wifi RF to packet processing to Cloud deployments and Machine Learning.

What keep you excited to come to work? Challenges posed with real-life problems and hunger to solve them. Excellent team and great collaboration amongst team members.

What makes CommScope different from other companies you've worked for? Freedom to experiment and learn new/upcoming technologies with support from Management.

Why should someone consider a career at CommScope? Good team culture, support from management, and enormous opportunities for learning.

When you're not busy helping CommScope shape the networks of tomorrow, where can we find you? Gardening, playing with my kids, eating Rajasthani spicy vegetarian cuisine, and visiting Goa beaches.