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Sameer D

Continuous Process Improvement Engineer III
Engineering | Goa, India
Joined in 2017

What do you do at CommScope? As a continuous process improvement engineer, I support Venue Campus and Broadband Network operations in Goa by facilitating continuous improvement programs under Lean Into Excellence strategy that primarily results in Profit Improvement Plans for the supply chain. I work with cross functional teams leveraging Lean and Six Sigma knowledge and tools to improve productivity and on time delivery, reducing lead times, defects and scrap/rework in our manufacturing processes. Also I get to engage with peers in trainings to develop their Lean competencies to optimize value addition activities in our processes and minimize the non value adds.

How does your work impact CommScope? The various continuous improvement programs help CommScope Goa achieve its cost saving targets and improve its performance metrics year over year that helps it become a preferred site in meeting customer demands.

What is rewarding about your job? My job allows a perfect three-way balance of responsibility, ownership, and accountability. I am be a project manager for all the Lean into Excellence programs in the site and am thereby trusted with the end to end results.

For you, what has been the best part of working at CommScope? The company culture allows space for constructive criticism to identify gaps to drive improvements for future.

Why should someone consider a career at CommScope? It is a rewarding career as you get ample opportunities to bring ideas across the tables and deliver results that challenge you, keeps you on toes and encouraged to do so.

When you're not busy helping CommScope shape the networks of tomorrow, where can we find you? I like to spend free time on my flight simulator practicing difficult aircraft landings around the world. I also like watching mystery based series.