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There is no CommScope without our employees. We are honored to have exceptional talent to help us deliver on our vision to connect the world. Click to learn more on a few of the friendly faces that collectively make us one CommScope. #WeAreCommScope

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  • Adriana R

    Project Manager


    My job is so rewarding because every new project comes with its own challenges and team members. It gives me the opportunity to set new goals and expectations so I can grow personally and professionally. Every lesson we learn helps me and the team grow and perform better for the future.

  • Jordan Z

    Sales Director


    CommScope is a great career for many because the company looks after all of its employees like family and offers many career growth opportunities. Our culture is one of a kind and this company runs on high integrity.

  • Stefan L

    Sales Director


    I love my job because of our industry's constant evolution. We are facing daily challenges for customers and work in an extremely competitive environment. These two together ensure there is never a boring day and constantly keeps me engaged.

  • Karen T

    Engineering Manager


    My career has grown significantly since joining CommScope. Before joining, I worked for the largest ICT research institute where I was focused on hardware technology development. Now, I engage more with software disciplines and this in vital in my continuous learning and growth in commercial strategy behind core technology and how to meet customer needs.

  • Lucas G

    Infrastructure Systems Engineer


    My job is rewarding because people recognize my contributions and it keeps my challenge to continue to expand my knowledge. Being part of a great team keeps me motivated to provide exception support on our products and solution to continue the success of our network infrastructure portfolio for our clients and partners.

  • Kim A

    Sales Manager

    United Kingdom

    CommScope lives its values every day, at every level of the organization. You can hold your head up high and know we will do the right thing and act with integrity. I value that our Senior Leadership is accessible to everyone. I love working with a massively talent group of individuals from all corners of the globe who come together as a team with a united goal. We use our relationships, experience and know how to win together.

  • Barbara G

    Director of Portfolio Marketing, OWN


    When I joined Tekmar (part of Allen Telecom) in 1998 there was not Marketing at all; that meant starting from scratch. Then Allen Telekom was acquired by Andrew, which was then acquired by CommScope. I have had the privilege of being part of the company evolution whereas various roles that I have covered, Embedded Marketing, Regional Marketing, Revenue Marketing, Account Based Marketing have enabled me to grow with the evolution of Marketing as a discipline.

  • Angieszka D

    Regional Marketing Specialist

    United Kingdom

    Everyday it feels like I am working with my friends. Our company culture is unique - people respect one another and have great collaborative relationships with managers and peers. The best part of working here is meeting people from all over the world. I am constantly learning something new and developing my skills. I can promise you will never get bored while working for CommScope.

  • Brian W

    InfoSec Specialist

    United States

    I joined CommScope through an acquisition and it gave me the opportunity to transfer my skills to a new team. It’s been a great opportunity to learn new skills and sharpen the ones I have. I work with an awesome team to manage our organization's overall governance, risk management and compliance. Everyday there are new opportunities to apply critical thinking and problem solving strategies with a group of sharp, intelligent professionals.

  • Susanne F

    HR Regional Business Partner


    The best part of working at CommScope is getting to build relationships with great people. My role as HR Business Partner is to deliver business innovation and top quartile performance through a collaborative, enabled, and agile workforce.

  • Yuhua W

    Senior Manager, ECAD


    I lead our PCB Design team in Shanghai. We design PCBs for local and global products that support global wireless research and development parts in addition to ECAD design tools and databases. I love what I do because it brings value and happiness to the consumers.

  • Jenny O

    Tax Analyst

    United States

    My job is to ensure compliance within state and local use tax laws. This positively impacts CommScope's business because it is our job in the Tax department to maintain the balance sheet and savings. I love the leadership at CommScope because they meet often with employees through town halls, fireside chats and staff meetings. At these meetings, there is a chance to speak directly to them. They encourage any and all questions and respond very open and honest.

  • Narayana G

    Enterprise Data Architecture


    Working for one of the biggest global leaders in connectivity solutions for communications and networks is great because CommScope provides a great work life balance and learning opportunities for advanced technologies that continues to help me grow and develop in my career. My manager motivates and gives me autonomy to deliver on business challenges and to add value.

  • Luciano G

    Sales Operations Analyst


    I am excited to come to work because of my team. Knowing my work impacts the team's results and that my reports and analysis are helping the productivity we have, is so rewarding. The data I provide also supports the company's forecasting, budgets and strategy that helps our leaders make company decisions. CommScope is a reputable company that fulfills its commitments and provides opportunities to grow and learn in your career.

  • Maria R

    Field Marketing, Southern Europe


    Our company is different because of the talent, loyalty and commitment we all bring to the table. I love working with our global and multicultural teams to keep current customers engaged. It is also exciting to create new business opportunities for our sales pipelines. I started working in our Spain, Portugal and Italy markets for our Enterprise Infrastructure teams. Now, I have more countries, including Turkey, Israel, Greece, focusing on infrastructure and networking.

  • Ai-Ju W

    Senior Manager, EHS & Compliance


    My job is to improve our sustainability performance to deliver business value and benefit. I love being able to improve our corporate responsibility and sustainability performance and see my work come to fruition.

  • Erica W

    Senior Manager

    United States

    CommScope is different from other companies because of the global mindset. There is a strong communication network across all regions. We value the ability to utilize similar business processes global and learn from each other's experiences. I learn something new every day. My job is to have a little knowledge in a variety of areas from customer service to Supply Chain or Finance. This allows me to work with resources from multiple department with various backgrounds. Its so rewarding to find a common objective and see projects through to completion.

  • Michael O

    VP/Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property

    United States

    The best part of working for CommScope is being able to work with and learn from highly talent and engaged employees. We have a strong culture of innovating for customer success and provide great opportunities for career growth. My job is rewarding because our intellectual property supports business strategies of selling highly innovated and differentiated products to our customers.

  • Tracy C

    Marketing Manager

    United States

    Over the years, CommScope has offered me training and certification programs that help me gain next-level knowledge for my current and future roles I want to grow into. CommScope is unique because of our approachable leadership and company culture. I love working with so many colleagues and learning from each of them. We all work together as a team to create a better-connected world.

  • Victor G

    Manager of Operations Site Support, Mexico


    I am responsbile for the administration of our Site Support department in Mexico. If my teams do not perform at 100%, all manufacturing, distribution and office facilities would be impacted from keeping our business running. The imporance of telecommunications in our always connect world and the challenges we face everyday motivates me to continue giving my best.

  • Don H

    Brand Manager

    United States

    Our brand is conveyed in everything we do. My job is to see out brand and the way it is develop and applied. In my time with the company, I've experienced and seen others go through amazing growth personally and professionally. We all play a vital part of the communication networks and technology of the future.

  • Praveen T



    Working at CommScope is great because I get to interact and collaborate with fun, interesting people. Being able to have a say in the outcome of an application being developed and shared in the rewards is so gratifying.

  • David S

    Multimedia Designer

    United States

    The favorite part of my job is getting to be creative by working on our marketing campaigns and sales promotion assets. Our company has a passion for innovation and growth, and it show in the materials I get to produce. My manager is very flexible and supportive and constantly recognizes me for my work and dedication. All the colleagues I interact truly make this organization special and a place that I am proud to be a part of.

  • Pete D

    Enterprise Architect

    United States

    CommScope is in a great position to provide solutions for the insatiable need for bandwidth in the home and on the go. We live in an ever more connected world. CommScope provides the technologies and services that allow people to work and be entertained no matter where they are. There are many rewarding aspects of my job from doing Proof of Concepts for new technology, bringing several teams together on a common platform to completing project that transform the company.

  • Doug R

    Vice President of Sales

    United Kingdom

    This organization puts trust in each of its employees to present and execute solutions for results. The best part of working at CommScope is the people. They keep me excited to come to work and to be a part of something greater than myself. You will not be disappointed in becoming a part of this company - it is truly the best company I've ever worked for!

  • Javier M

    Sales Engineering Manager


    Myself and my team are at the forefront to help customers understand our products and solutions within a variety of telecom and technology portfolios. This industry is amazing and is constantly involving as we help connect the world together. You get to learn something new every day. We operate in a fast-paced environment that is full of people who are always eager to help. CommScope is a great team and full of talented people.

  • Leju Y

    Director, Global Procurement

    United States

    I chose to work for CommScope because of the opportunity to work for a large company that still has cultural pockets of a startup mentality and a leadership team that is open to new ideas with a focus on continuous innovation for a connected world. I love what I do because I am always learning and being challenged daily which helps my professional growth. The people you work with every day are second to none and the diverse network across the entire company has been such a pleasure to interact with.

  • Olivia S

    Home Media Solutions Business Operations Analyst

    United States

    This past year I was promoted and that has broadened my footprint on what products I get to work with, and it allows me to get more involved to help our customers achieve their strategic goals. I love how we have a presence all over the world and to know that on any day, anything can happen. Where we operate and the customers we support allows me to get experience that I wouldn't otherwise have if the company as centrally located in a specific country.

  • Ciaran D

    Director of Global Environmental Health & Safety


    If you are considering a career with CommScope, you should! The opportunities our company provides are exciting and dynamic. Our business and products are at the forefront of technology and are driving global connectivity. I love my job because I know we are making a difference and improve the general wellbeing of CommScope (as a whole) by keeping our employees safe and operations sustainable. Our challenges continue to grow, and I have a great team that I work with. Our leadership is approachable and very supportive on the projects we are working on to help connect the world for a better tomorrow.

  • Mary R

    Manager, Repair Operations

    United States

    I am constantly rewarded in my job because I get to resolve issues, develop corrective actions and continuous improvement in our global planning in over 130 stock locations. My team is great, and I thoroughly enjoy working with all my coworkers to solve issues and improve RMA delivery. My role and responsibilities within the company continues to grow year over year. There is always something new and exciting to work on at CommScope.

  • Vicky O

    Manager of Global Business Solutions Development

    United States

    My team is responsible for the keeping our global ERP system available at all times. We help identify and implement changes to the system that drives business efficiencies, creates positive user experiences and savings to the bottom line. Being a part of a global team and working with global managers to build a cohesive cross functional team is so rewarding for me. It is great to see the growth in each person on our team year over year. The best part of working at CommScope is definitely the people and having many opportunities to work in many different roles in my career. The company values employee involvement and is always looking for our feedback on what areas needs improvement. Leadership values this feedback and makes efforts to address our concerns.

  • Tanya B

    Account Manager

    United States

    I was attracted to work for CommScope because I knew I would get the opportunity to work for a company that has a larger variety of product offerings with an excellent reputation within the wireless industry. I was excited to join a competition team that shares in my passion to help customers as well. CommScope has one of the largest product portfolios of any company in the wireless industry. We listen to our customers and bring new products to support them in their needs.

  • Bart P


    United States

    I started with CommScope as intern during law school. As an intern, I joined CommScope for the chance to gain exposure to the practice of patent law within an in-house legal department. Luckily, our IP legal department has a culture of supporting one another. Our legal group is solely responsible for the progression of my career into what it is today. Since joining CommScope, I have been given opportunities to take on new responsibilities and new challenges, and I continue to learn and grow through these opportunities.

  • Rene F

    Director of Sales, Deutsche Telekom


    I was attracted to work for CommScope because of the broad portfolio in the market. We have a large global presence in operations and go to market for our products and technology. This allows us to identify and implement opportunities for our customers.

  • Adrian F

    Senior Attorney, Central & Latin America

    United States

    Working at CommScope is different than other companies because of its constant evolution. CommScope has the desire to offer something for a better and more communicated world. We are a trusted partner of the most renowned companies in the world. What we do internally and externally generates impact. As a company and with our product portfolio, we always need to evolve and improve as we are an important global actor for a better-connected world.

  • Jodi F

    Vice President of Sales

    United States

    It is such a pleasure to be given the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people on my team and to be challenged to stay current on emerging technology and industry trends. The combination of talent, products and services that have come together as a result of best of breed acquisitions over the years is what makes this company different from others.

  • Jingyan Y

    Marketing Specialist


    Raising brand awareness in our industry and bringing prospects to help out sales business is such a fun part of my job. Our marketing strategy and international team makes coming to work every day exciting because I can focus on advanced BRB marketing and collaborate with others as we work as one.

  • Sameer D

    Continuous Process Improvement Engineer II


    My job allows a perfect three-way balance of responsibility, ownership, and accountability. I am a project manager for all the Lean into Excellence programs for employees at the site and entrusted with the end to end results. Learn More

  • Anjan K

    Principal Software Engineer


    CommScope has given me so many opportunities to expose myself to new learnings, which contribute to the betterment of products and features. I became more confident and satisfied with my achievements. I have grown in my team and people now come to me for solutions and guidance. Learn More

  • Charles P

    Compensation Analyst


    I enjoy working at CommScope because I feel my voice is heard and I am recognized for my work, which is motivating. Learn More

  • Panth B

    SAP Solution Delivery India IT Manager


    I am excited to come to work because of my team and the empowering, supportive leadership of the company. Learn More

  • Shailesh G

    Distinguished Software Engineer


    The best part of working at CommScope is getting a chance to work on different teams while interacting with technologies ranging from Core Wifi RF, packet processing, Cloud deployments, and Machine Learning. Learn More

  • Murali M

    Business Analytics & CRM India IT Center Manager


    I joined CommScope as a Database Analyst in 2009 and have grown into multiple roles horizontally and vertically ranging from analyst, team lead, delivery lead, project lead, manager and managing multi technology global teams (Business Analytics and CRM). Learn More

  • Joe M

    Senior Manufacturing Operator

    United States

    After 30 years at CommScope, my advice to those who are considering a job here would be to work well with others and do your best. Hard work is noticed and will lead you to advancement within the company.

  • Sebastian E

    Senior Manufacturing Operator

    United States

    CommScope's culture and the people I work with is what I like the most about my job. People are always friendly and willing to help.

  • Scott K

    Manufacturing Operator

    United States

    As someone who works at on of our manufacturing sites, I enjoy being one of the people that has a hand in producing our products and making sure the products I work on are of the highest quality for our customers.

  • Daniel J

    Manufacturing Operator

    United States

    The best part of working at one of CommScope's manufacturing sites is the schedule and positive work/ life balance. I also enjoy being able to run multiple areas and moving around to help where needed.

  • Connie D

    HR Director, China


    My favorite part of my job is working with people from different countries and cultures. Over the past 12 years, I have learned and continue to collaborate with my colleagues across the globe. Their support fuels my passion to take care of and develop our employees. I am constantly inspired by seeing our employees grow in their careers.

  • Danielle C

    Senior Category Analyst

    United States

    My job is to help the Procurement review costs and communicate with our manufacturing partners to drive cost savings through the launch of new products and existing ones. One of my favorite parts of my job is the interaction between different business functions within CommScope and with our manufacturing partners because I am constantly learning from them. My coworkers are why I enjoy my job so much.

  • Lawrence W

    Senior Manager, QA Engineering


    CommScope provides not only a great culture and work environment but also a growth culture for employees to advance in their careers. Even though there are no typical days in my job, the dynamic customer requirements and calls for efficiencies constantly challenges me and my team. My team makes working for CommScope so enjoyable. Together, we are a changing the lives of people by the products we create.

  • Jason C

    Dist Software Engineer


    I am inspired to come to work everyday because I want to help solve real-world problems. Solving technical challenges within constraits and working with my team is my favorite part of what I do. We work to increase feature development velocities while keeping technical debt low.In turn, we react to feedback and adapt to it faster, so that my team and management are able to solve the problems quick but achieve success within the solution.

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to create and sustain a culture that values the unique perspective and contributions of all current and future employees. Since the launch of our Diversity & Inclusion Business Network, over 1,700 employees have joined (from all over the world) to be a part of creating a culture that values and embraces more than just visible characteristics. We foster a dynamic and inclusive workplace that makes us stronger.

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Diversity & Inclusion Business Network