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It takes more than the best technology to connect the world. It takes the best people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Meet those who make CommScope great. 

Charles P

Compensation Analyst
Human Resources | Goa, India
Joined in 2019

What do you do at CommScope? I work for the Global Compensation and Market Intelligence Team. I do pretty much everything in the world of compensation right from Job Evaluations to Market Pricing a Job in CommScope. 

How does your work impact CommScope? I always aim to deliver the best results and I do believe compensation and its components play a major role to attract and also to retain the employees of an organization. My role is to make sure that we as a Global Company is on track of the current market trends & is on a steady steeped phase along with its competitors. 

What is rewarding about your job? The enormous amount of exposure, as well as the opportunity to utilize my personal talent is really appreciated. I enjoy working with the compensation team from all around the globe.  

What do you enjoy most about working at CommScope? I enjoy working at CommScope because I get my voice heard and I get recognized for the work done, which is motivating.

What makes CommScope different from other companies you've worked for? The top level management is open to ideas and very supportive. Over and beyond that, the trust factor provided is appreciated.

When you're not busy helping CommScope shape the networks of tomorrow, where can we find you? Baking, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.